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When excellence Transports you to Another dimension

BERING ROCK Vodka is born with the finest attributes, Aroma, Balance, Smoothness and Purity.


The BERING ROCK Vodka elaboration is an extremely delicate process, inspired by the know-how of French Masters in the making of century-old Spirits Valley Spirits.

We use selected Wheat, produced exclusively in France, and spring water of the highest purity.

A meticulous distillation process, specific to BERING ROCK Vodka was developed and implemented during the research and development steps.


The Delicacy of these operations and the Perfect balance of the Filtration phase, give our Vodka its intense, velvety taste, while preserving the aromas and mellowness of the wheat. 

BERING ROCK Vodka is 100 % Natural

BERING ROCK embodies the spirit of Freedom.

Honors to the vast, pristine expanses of Siberia and Alaska.

BERING ROCK is a tribute to nature, to all explorers and pioneers with adventurous and conquering spirits.

- An Ode to The SPIRIT of FREEDOM -

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